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Kibilturg Mahaldil

Don’t be silly, of course I’m not using my true Khuzdul name. That was known to a few a long time ago, and they are all past now. Barazbanâd they named Us collectively -Us, I say, now who are we? … Continue reading

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Urwendil and Urwendur morphologically fit neither Quenya nor Sindarin. They’re macaronic constructions from an apparently Sindarin word (Urwen is Lalaith’s true name, not mentioned in the Silmarillion) and Quenya suffixes. Those suffixes lived into Sindarin but went through the proper … Continue reading

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Aglahil Urwendil, a Brief Autobiography

​Not every strain of Westernesse blood went extinct in the realm of Cardolan; neither did every single body therewith went wandering into the wild. Aglahil… The meaning of the word is no more remembered, A forefather of my mother’s in … Continue reading

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