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The Feanoriad

Originally posted on The Cottage Of Pen And Play:
(A Homeric retelling of The Fall of the Noldor) Sing, O Nienna, of the wrath of Finwe’s son Feanor, the deadly wrath that brought upon the Noldor countless woes and sent…

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On St George and his day

Originally posted on Lugubelinus:
The last time I gave much thought to St George, I think, was in Afghanistan. I was researching Bamiyan, and visited a valley, Darre-ye Azhdaha, a few miles to the west of Bamiyan town. At its…

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Beren and Lúthien, a centenary publication

Originally posted on John Garth:
In a wood filled with a cloud of white flowers, a soldier walked in the spring of 1917 with his wife, and she sang and danced for him. To that battle-worn lieutenant, J R R Tolkien, Edith’s dance…

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Beren and Lúthien

Originally posted on Too Many Books and Never Enough:
HarperCollins will announce today the latest Tolkien title edited by Christopher Tolkien, Beren and Lúthien, to be illustrated with drawings and paintings by Alan Lee and published on 4 May 2017.…

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When the spade you call a spade’s no spade

Originally posted on Lugubelinus:
My least snappy title by a distance. Apologies, and apologies also for a blog inspired by a pun so obscure that I’ve seen it attributed to two Oxford Classicists separately. Actually it was really inspired by…

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“Two Ears, One Mouth”: Hunting a Proverb from Zeno to Paul’s Mom

Originally posted on SENTENTIAE ANTIQUAE:
On using twitter and the internet to trace the history of a cherished proverb; or, on the birth of a t-shirt. Last fall, I noticed the Paul Holdengraber‘s 7-word autobiography from “Mother always said:…

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The long road behind (personal story)

Originally posted on alexioskomnenos:
(If you’re going to read this, please read the whole thing before drawing your conclusions, some passages in this will make you angry, I accept and understand that, but context matters. Please note that I’m not…

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