The long road behind (personal story)


(If you’re going to read this, please read the whole thing before drawing your conclusions, some passages in this will make you angry, I accept and understand that, but context matters. Please note that I’m not my old self anymore, my old self is dead. )

I have a swallow (you know, the bird.) tattooed on my arm, this is an excellent conversation-starter these days, a lot of people have a tattoo, or multiple, and everyone likes talking about them, their meaning, and all things surrounding them.

Usually, the question is soon asked: “So, do you have any more tattoos?”. 4/5 years ago, I would’ve said: “Yeah!” and would’ve shown them, but these days, I’m too ashamed. (And not because I’ve put on a lot of weight and am ashamed of my body.).
I just say: “No, but I plan on getting more.”.

The reason for this is simple, I…

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