On the improper Application, and the ludicrous Effects of certain Names


The top 100 baby names in England and Wales are out. Apparently we’re all smitten with Olivers, Jacks and Harrys, and Amelias, Islas and Olivias. The top 100 for boys and girls is here, with the big news (according to The Guardian) that national adoration for Prince George has resulted in a rash of Georges (up three places from number 10 last year).

Comments on the Guardian’s article, and tweets addressing the subject, are predictable enough. One commenter fumed (perhaps with tongue in cheek, but you never know below the line) ” The absence of the girls names like Doris, Ethel, Evadne, Diedre, Winifred and boys names like Cyril, Walter, Cecil, Arnold and Earnest is shocking. It shows a breakdown in the moral fabric of society and the Government should do something about it immediately!” Another made a similar point, more urbanely: “Most popular baby names of 2015: ‘On…

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