Kibilturg Mahaldil

Don’t be silly, of course I’m not using my true Khuzdul name. That was known to a few a long time ago, and they are all past now. Barazbanâd they named Us collectively -Us, I say, now who are we? That, my friend, is a long story that has no ending within the circles of this Middle-earth. Yes, Barazbanâd We are, and I’m Kibilturg, the Silver-beard.

Whoever opposes the Shadow is my ally, and yet whoever has fallen under it better beware my axe, if that is possible…

Mahaldil: An outrageous macaronic construction from Kh. “Mahal”, the name of Aulë, and Quenya suffix –ndil


About Urwendil/Urwendur/Mouzafphaerre

Music, Classics, Tolkiendilië, gaming, small-talk...
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