Aglahil Urwendil, a Brief Autobiography

​Not every strain of Westernesse blood went extinct in the realm of Cardolan; neither did every single body therewith went wandering into the wild.

Aglahil… The meaning of the word is no more remembered, A forefather of my mother’s in a time long forgotten was named thus. She raised me to withhold the legacy of her people, never to let it fade away till the King returns to claim his realm.

Urwen, the Sun-maiden… Thus I named her when we last met that evening in Spring-time, when the shadows were lengthening. Urwendil am I called, lover of the gleam of the setting sun on her hair, lover of the mirth of her singing and laughter…. Forever lover of everything about her, my Urwen, my Sun…


About Urwendil/Urwendur/Mouzafphaerre

Music, Classics, Tolkiendilië, gaming, small-talk...
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